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Why this page? - Varför en sån här sida?
Well, I like mp3! - MP3 är bra och gör musik hanterbar!
Så -  lite kortfattade instruktioner för dig som vill testa själv ....

MP3 or rather MP1 layer 3
A "standard" for good handling of big music archives
I use it for storing some of my own remixes and records
Shame that the new DVD standard only will allow 74 minutes of music
Hope that it only was a bad proposal and not the final release !
Well you can always put all your mp3s on a DVD data CD ;-)

How To Do
Wanna make your own recordings?

I find it best to use Audiograbber or the burning program
For $30 its worth its price!
AudioCatalyst is faster but has produced som quiet parts of my mp3's so I dont trust it
The Xing converter is really fast but with a fast CPU the Fraunhofer works too
The best for the money is "lame" encoder also found at AGs website

If you want to edit/remix the music
Save the original if you are going to do some real work
Trim, Blend & Maximze with
- GoldWave
I like that best because you can start the replay by pressing the space bar
also you can easily go to the end or start of the track by using the right or left key on your mouse
There are many wave editors
You probably got one with your soundcard...

Time to code it - l3encoder l3enc v 2.61
Is a good dos-utility

If you can get it Fraunhofers Professional >v2, its worth it - and it cost a lot
v2.1 is better then v.20 and you can se the difference by spotting the HQ option in the menu system
With it you get the CODEC that enables windows to write directly to .mp3
in a VERY VERY high quality

What quality do you need?
128 kb HQ 44k stereo!
(with Fraunhofer)
160-192 is usually the best - at least if you use a ripper ...
256 kb give you studio quality and a slightly LARGER file
112 kb - I can hear the difference but its not that bad - you wont play this at your local disco ...
less then that - well you now that old radio your parents used on the beach ...

Now, lets play - Winamp ! Not really any competition here
But as taste defer, find your own brand at the number one site for MP3 development

Best one !

Ill have to say, sites with fresh music close by the speed of light
If you find one, grab it quickly, by tomorrow it might be gone

If you are looking for some nice old music and get stuck
Try the news archives - www.newsguy.com or contact me -
I do not offer mp3s by ftp or sell anything but maybe we can help each other?
I am an collector.

Links below is for your pleasure and are not being updated or recommended by me.

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Mostly rock & some techno at
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